Mark Haslewood - Facebook

"Thought I'd try this place as i have had a trapped nerve in my back for some time . I was met by Martin the owner and had a good conversation over what i needed. The place itself is so relaxing and warm . I was then introduced to Linda who would be giving me the massage and therapy i need to sort my back out . All i can say is omg the 1 hour was amazing and Linda was brilliant from start to finish amazing on how she found the places where there where knots in my back as well as the trapped nerve itself . It will take a few attempts to get.me back to fitness but when i came out I was so relaxed and felt 100% better straight away . Im certainly going back and would recommend anyone to try this place A++++++"

Michelle Richardson - Facebook

"Wow feel amazing what a wonderful experience an amazing massage whatever your problem is they can work on it for you mine was my back today and feel absolutely relaxed and amazing the ladies who do the massages also pleasant and lovely I lovely little place to go when needing a nice massage and the price is amazing to £30 for the hour that is got to be the best massage in the whole of Doncaster definitely can't wait to go again wonderful recommend to all ladies all gentleman and couples and girly friends too."

Kathy Byrne - Facebook

"After 23 years of chronic back pain, a spinal operation last October, and numerous visits to alternative therapists, I finally heard about smile.
Linda did my treatment. My whole body was full of muscle pain. She worked extremely hard to remove some of the knots and tension that has caused me so much pain. It hurt like hell but it is what I needed. I'm still sore but have felt looser. I will be booking again next week. Fingers crossed I will be able start to enjoying life again x"

Craig O'Driscoll - Facebook

"Can't recommend Smile enough, really bad back and shoulder pain. Spent loads on Physio's without luck. 1 hour focused on back and my right shoulder and I was near enough pain free for 3 weeks. 2nd visit didn't disappoint either. Best value for money I've seen."



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